Portable Sanitation

Water storage & Traetment

The safest and environmentally friendly way of handing wastewater.

StallionRents provides both water treatment and storage options for any jobsite or facility. Our streamlined technology not only treats and stores any wastewater but also allows for the repurposed fresh water to be used in other areas of the jobsite. StallionRents is a pioneer in environmentally safe water solutions. 

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Onsite Wastewater Treatment

Only StallionRents offers StaRT—the exclusive treatment system that stores fresh water until it’s ready for use then treats and repurposes wastewater onsite.

Water Holding Tank

StallionRents offers portable water tanks for storing non-potable water onsite. Water can additionally be delivered to job sites upon request.

Sewer Holding Tank

StallionRents offers wastewater holding tanks. We also offer wastewater pumping and removal services.

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