Environment and Safety

Our Commitment

Our commitment to environmental, societal and governmental (ESG) issues isn’t something we take lightly or have only adopted recently—it is who we are. We have spent nearly two decades building the StallionRents name into one that our customers and the communities we serve know as a trustworthy partner—and we will continue to do so.

Community Involvement

Across the nation, StallionRents is honored to be part of the communities where we operate. We value our neighbors, and want to do everything we can to nurture positive relationships in the places where we work and live. We feel privileged to not only give back to these communities, but to pay their goodwill forward through corporate sponsorships and charitable donations. Most important, we strive to do our part to enrich each community in ways that can strengthen it for years to come.

Economic Impact

As a respected employer, we are proud to bring new jobs, good jobs and a safe workplace to each community. Along with cultivating economic prosperity and safety, we create work environments where diversity is appreciated and all team members are treated with dignity and respect.

Vendor Relationships

StallionRents takes great care to develop positive vendor relationships. We depend on local resources to complement our strengths and strive to collaborate with our suppliers. By treating our partners in a fair and respectful manner, we believe they understand the significant role they play in our mutual success.

Environmental Protection

While environmental stewardship is a global issue, StallionRents also understands its local impact. Helping protect the environment in the communities we serve has been part of our mission since day one. Many of our services and technologies help customers significantly reduce emissions and their carbon footprint.