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As the first summer back after a global pandemic, we know you’re excited to return to normal summertime activities. Although most people are adjusting back to a regular routine, some are still reluctant to jump back in before they’re ready.  

Because of this, summer camps and other programs are looking for different ways to help increase their attendance and overall enrollment revenue. Here is our tip to help decrease parent’s worry for their children and increase your return on investment.

  1. Increase your capacity for social distancing- Although “Across the country, about 303.9 million doses have been administered”, according to CNN, there are millions of people that are not ready to fully trust the vaccinations as a way of minimizing COVID 19 risks. If your facility or location is planning to maintain social distancing or would like to increase the overall space available to guests, temporary dwelling structures are just the ticket. Why? They’re temporary!  

Life will eventually go back to normal, and distancing won’t be recommended or insisted. People will be able to gather together in learning and dwelling environments in close quarters. Until then, take a look at the customizable portable, temporary housing and office structures StallionRents offers. Use them until you don’t need to anymore it’s as simple as that. 

StallionRents operates as a complete business services company, which can easily add on any additional equipment you may need to run your summer operation, like industrial-strength generators and solar surveillance towers to keep your summer camp enrollment high. 

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