Renting vs. Buying a Generators

Maintaining a jobsite demands making fiscally responsible decisions. One decision construction managers must make is whether they will rent or buy a generator that will provide enough power to run the whole jobsite. They must consider various factors that play into whether renting or buying one will better suit their construction site needs. Here are a few key benefits of renting a generator vs. buying one.

Lower initial cost

With project budgets, renting a generator is much more suitable than purchasing one outright because the initial cost of renting is much lower than that of buying. Renting may be beneficial to you because it could be challenging to buy a generator that fits your budget. StallionRents has inventory available across the United States and all of our equipment is immediately deployable in emergency cases. Take a look at a few rental options we carry on the StallionRents website. We have options for all jobsite sizes and power requirements.

Size Flexibility 

One of the benefits of renting vs. buying a generator is the opportunity to temporarily use different generator models as your jobsite is subject to change. Renting generators specific to your project is crucial to saving money. Let’s say you bought a generator that powers just enough to run a smaller jobsite, but the next site is larger in size and longer in expected duration. This would be an opportunity where returning your generator for another model would benefit you.The flexibility of renting allows you to adapt as quickly as your jobsite does. Every jobsite requires a different amount of power, to get an idea of what yours specifically needs, connect with one of our experts today.

Time flexibility

With time flexibility, the benefits of Renting vs. Buying a generator is directly related to a project’s timeline. Generator rentals will benefit short term projects more than if you purchased one. When a generator is not being used, the generator is at risk of depreciation and damage while not being run. However, StallionRents rental generators can be maintained during their downtime to ensure their quality and readiness for a project. Our generators specifically are more available on short notice and are delivered directly to your jobsite making your project’s kickoff simple and streamlined. If your jobsite goes longer than originally intended, not a problem! In fact, according to Michael Harenberg of PlanRadar, 9 out of 10 construction projects go over their projected timeline. When this happens, don’t fret! StallionRents is able to lengthen the rental period of your equipment with ease. 

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