Hurricane Season
Prepare your Jobsite for Hurricane Season

As many of us recently witnessed with Hurricane Laura, storms can change their trajectory and strength at the drop of a hat. It’s tough to know just how bad the damage will be if there is a storm. Preparation remains key to proactively keep your jobsite security and crew safety high during these times.

Before the Storm Hits

As the storm approaches, you may find yourself needing to relocate your equipment and portable building structures to a new location out of the projected eye of the storm. StallionRents offers hauling and trucking services for equipment and portable buildings of all sizes. This decision can be a challenging but essential choice that keeps destruction and potential setbacks at bay. If you are going to ride out the rain and weather from a nearby storm, you will want to prepare with backup power and connectivity solutions if power lines are affected. Stallion  aims to eliminate the stress of the unknown with both of our backup power generator options and failover internet connectivity to help your jobsite comms stay aboard during a stressful situation. 

During the Storm 

Suppose you need more indoor space to protect your crew during the wind and rain of a hurricane. In this case, our emergency portable buildings serve as a temporary man camp options to keep everyone indoors and minimize potential injuries. Our Portable building solutions cover options equipped for housing, offices, storage and can be delivered and returned on any timeline. If you want a permanent building solution, StallionRents has used trailer solutions that could be right for you. 

After the Storm Hits

Depending on the storm’s destruction, there may be a cleanup project on the horizon for your jobsite. We offer sanitation solutions to maximize your efforts with our roll-off trash trailers and bins and our excavators and mulchers to turn  loose debris and materials into something of use to your jobsite on a later day. More often than not, in situations like these, your crews have lost time and capital and will need to work through the night to meet strict deadlines. Our Solar light tower solutions are the perfect option to keep a well-lit site that requires no electricity in the wake of a storm. StallionRents is a leader in the jobsite rentals industry and is looking to help anyone struggling from the recent storms. Contact us today if you have any questions. 

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