Increase Your Summer Camp Enrollment with StallionRents

As the first summer back after a global pandemic, we know you’re excited to return to normal summertime activities. Although most people are adjusting back to a regular routine, some are still reluctant to jump back in before they’re ready.   Because of this, summer camps and other programs are looking for different ways to help […]

A Single Construction Site Services Vendor: The Easy Choice

Previous Next StallionRents operates as a single vendor of construction site services and other industrial rental equipment around the United States. A few standard jobsite services include Power generation, Industrial Light Towers, Temporary Modular offices, and housing for workers. Certain equipment service companies specialize in one product or service, which is fine and shows expertise […]

StallionRents Update – Live Chat With Our Team

Find our live chat bot in the bottom right hand corner to speak with a representative. Should one not be available that moment, easily schedule a call back by choosing an availability on one of our team member’s calendars. check it out on our home page by clicking here. Our live chat box will remember […]

Summertime Natural Disasters: Be Prepared

Depending on where you’re located, you may be more prepared than others for the danger that summer heat can bring. Looking back on the last summer of 2020 and the many wildfire natural disasters that erupted worldwide, it’s top of mind as we approach warmer months. It doesn’t seem to matter as much how the […]

Security Cameras for Car Dealerships

Business owners in the automotive industry are at high risk of theft, much like other businesses housing expensive assets. According to the National Crime Bureau, auto thefts in 2020 totaled 873,080. Unfortunately for the automotive industry, vehicles immediately lose value once driven off the lot, so business owners need to have their security measures in […]

Is Construction an Essential Business?

Although many Americans deem most construction they witness on their morning commutes as unnecessary, the United States has identified the construction industry as a resounding essential during the Covid19 crisis. Thousands of construction and developmental projects were postponed temporarily or put on pause to nurture employees’ safety. If we think of the very parts of […]

Amazing Modular Shipping Container Trends

Previous Next According to Allied Market Research, “The global shipping container market was valued at $8.70 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $12.08 billion by 2027.” The world has seen a huge increase in the purchasing and selling of shipping containers and other modular building units. See above for some of the trends shipping […]

What to do if your power goes out

If you’ve checked the news this past week, there was an unprecedented “Winter Storm” that took place in the southern United States that took a significant toll on citizens in many cities. Lack of preparation or relief plans for such low temperatures sent people into a panic, wondering how to make it through the week […]

5 OSHA Related Resources For Jobsites

COVID is still present, and we are all still adapting to the new structure of our jobsites. Because of the pandemic, more focus is placed on the health of cleanliness of a jobsite. Although we’re sure most of you are following typical precautionary efforts against the virus, there are still the standard safety measures you […]

Construction Generator Maintenance Tips

One of the many responsibilities of a contractor is to keep up with the power need of your jobsite and creating a generator maintenance schedule to maintain productivity on your jobsite. Finding the right generator for your jobsite is only the beginning. There are a few boxes that need to be ticked so you can […]