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Security Cameras for Car Dealerships

Business owners in the automotive industry are at high risk of theft, much like other businesses housing expensive assets. According to the National Crime Bureau, auto thefts in 2020 totaled 873,080. Unfortunately for the automotive industry, vehicles immediately lose value once driven off the lot, so business owners need to have their security measures in place to avoid lost revenue. At StallionRents, we’ve been able to provide auto dealers and car lots around the country with solar security trailers to help record all angles of their location and give the ability to monitor footage from a phone, tablet, or desktop anywhere. Learn more about the benefits and product features of our security camera trailers below. 

Portable Power Features

  • Solar Powered with a Large 150Ah Deep cycle battery backup
  • Optional gas or diesel generator with large fuel tank
  • Wide Track trailer for maximum stability of security camera
  • 330 Watt Solar panel array

Additional Components

  • Includes integrated video management software and storage platform
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center for support
  • Indoor, Outdoor, Night and Wireless options available
  • Facial Recognition 
  • License Plate Recognition

Security Camera Connectivity 

  • Ability to connect through 
  • IP Network Distribution
  • Fiber Networks
  • Microwave Networks
  • Satellite Networks
  • LTE Networks
  • Ethernet Networks

StallionRents can also provide fixed surveillance cameras that are easily attached to the side of your building for a more permanent solution. Regardless of what security solution is right for your business, it’s vital to have the peace of mind they bring. With our easy-to-use management software, you can recount all foot traffic to and from your location and easily export footage if necessary. All footage and data is cloud-connected and offers real-time notifications. With the unique facial and plate recognition that StallionRents cameras offer, you’ll already be one step ahead in finding the person(s) responsible if there is a theft that occurs. 


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