According to Allied Market Research, “The global shipping container market was valued at $8.70 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $12.08 billion by 2027.” The world has seen a huge increase in the purchasing and selling of shipping containers and other modular building units. See above for some of the trends shipping containers are being used for that we find incredible.

#1 Devil’s Corner Winery, Tasmania Australia– The edgy winery sits to the south of the Australian continent near Coles Bay. Their goal was to bring a completely individual aesthetic, thus using charcoal shipping containers for their infrastructure. 

#2 Joshua Tree, California: The Starburst-shaped home hit the market in 2017 for a 3.5 million dollar price tag. Want to know an Interesting Fact about this structure? It hasn’t even been built yet. Yes, you heard that right. It’s on the market and doesn’t even exist yet. Engel & Volkers unveiled the plans for construction and the incredible future 360-degree views. 

#3 District Of Columbia Housing: New Wave developer and designer Travis Price had the environment in mind when they used recycling overseas Shipping Containers to reconstruct a housing lot in the DC neighborhood Brookland. The 6 bedroom unit is available for rent and if we do say so ourselves, it reminds us of our StallionRents stackable Mancamps and Offices 

#4 Cargo Home in Waco, TX– Cargo Home is known for its “tiny” homes reconstructed from recycled shipping containers. We could see these amazing designs becoming a more common vacation destination across the country. 

#5 Ski Lodge and Spa in Georgia, Europe– This Cozy wooden-wrapped shipping container design sits high and nestled in the mountains of the Georgian mountains. This destination is perfect for adventure seekers looking for a modern one of a kind lodging experience. 


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