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COVID is still present, and we are all still adapting to the new structure of our jobsites. Because of the pandemic, more focus is placed on the health of cleanliness of a jobsite. Although we’re sure most of you are following typical precautionary efforts against the virus, there are still the standard safety measures you need not forget about. If OSHA shows up on your door, will you be ready?

In 2020 the top 5 of the top OSHA violations were:

Fall Protection

Hazard Communication

Respiratory Protection

Eye and Face Protection


These are just a few of the top violations cited by Device Magic in 2020. Although everyone’s jobsite is different and the safety requirements are too, we wanted to offer a few of our favorite resource tools to combat confrontation with OSHA and a potential violation.

For Fall Protection

 See page 15 specifically for an easily downloadable checklist to complete while doing a complete walkthrough of fall prone areas on your jobsite. We included this resource because of its explanatory guidelines to follow to minimize jobsite falls. It also contains definitions and explanations of each checkpoint so that you have a well-rounded expectation of the next step to take.

For Hazard Communication 

Employees on a jobsite have the right to know when and where hazardous chemicals are being used or stored on a jobsite. This manual (specific to Texas law) is a great informational resource to better understand the concept of hazard communication and adequately disclose information to your employees, thus avoiding a department of health violation.

For Respiratory Protection

Masks are not the only respiratory-related requirement on a jobsite currently. Not only is having the right understanding of rules, PPE garments and a proper emergency plan should be just a few of the requirements you need secured before launching a new jobsite and project. To make sure you have your I’s dotted and T’s crossed, download this respiratory compliance guide straight from OSHA themselves.

For Eye and Face Protection

Requirements for eye and face protection can vary from state to state but an excellent example of something you need on your jobsite could be an eyewash station in case of an emergency. To learn more from an expert on eyewash stations, chat with one of our team members today. Another helpful tool is this FAQ sheet from the department of labor that covers various questions from jobsite managers like yourself.

For Ladder Compliance 

Particularly as it pertains to job-made ladders, this OSHA fact sheet would be a great resource to hang in break or meeting rooms. Learn what is and isn’t considered compliant with ladders on your jobsite.

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