Light Tower on construction site

If you’ve ever questioned “when did that building get there” or “how did that overpass get built so fast”, the answer is nighttime construction work. In high traffic areas or jobsites on a time crunch, the use of light towers is a necessity for the safety of overnight construction workers. Although StallionRents light towers are incredibly durable, we do have a few tips to keep you on top of your light tower maintenance.

  1. Create a light tower maintenance checklist

Depending upon the season and weather patterns, your maintenance schedule may differ but putting something in the calendar at the same time every few weeks or month, can make a difference in keeping your machine well maintained. A few things on your maintenance checklist should be changing your oil, oil filter, and fuel filters on a regular schedule. Also check the air filter, the radiator for debris, and look for any leaks. If you’re relocating your lighting equipment, be sure to turn off the light tower before completely shutting the machine off and make sure to protect your bulbs as you move the towers to and from locations.

2. Ensuring the safety and security of your light towers

StallionRents ensures that the proper care and precautions are taken when delivering and installing our equipment to the jobsite. When it comes time for you to transport your light towers across the jobsite or even to different locations, it’s imperative for your crew to wear the proper protective equipment and to use the proper machinery to move equipment. StallionRents has many options for your rental needs. When setting up light towers, which can be as heavy as two thousand pounds, is to make sure the tower is out of the way of any dangerous obstructions. Obstructions could be everything from tall trees, cranes or buildings. If not planned accordingly the mast could extend past what you’ve anticipated and cause damage to the bulbs and potentially become a safety hazard.

3.Protect your equipment against weather and temperature changes

Thoroughly clean your equipment after heavy weather patterns or long-term use. The radiator and air cleaner can become dirty with long-term use. It is best to check the composition of the coolant in the spring and prior to winter. This will ensure the coolant is in the proper condition for the upcoming weather. The more ventilated the area is, the less you’ll need to clean, and it will ease up your maintenance schedule.

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