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Contactless Communication is one way to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus

Experts are saying that the second wave of COVID19 is to be expected in the upcoming months. Recorded by the Houston Chronicle, Dr. Peter Hotez explains his theory of October 2021 being the first FDA approved vaccine release date. Until then, the country will remain accountable for taking all the precautions necessary to keep our case numbers down.

Have you thought about your organization’s plan to maintain your employees’ health and safety for the remainder of the year? Here are some essential techniques to consider on your jobsite or in your organization.

Additional space to help with social distancing

An easy way to improve your social distancing efforts is to provide your employees with more space to maintain CDC’s recommended 6-foot distance. For most organizations to maintain this recommendation while continuing normal operations, it’s necessary to bring in temporary buildings. There are different styles and sizes of temporary structures on the market to meet your requirements. Take a look at one of the biggest trailer equipment rental providers on the market right now, StallionRents. They offer turnkey solutions on trailer rentals across the country.

Health and Sanitation Services

With the amount of information that’s been released in the wake of COVID19, it is still not completely clear just how the virus is spread. Whether it’s on surfaces or airborne from person to person, all equipment and office spaces need the thorough attention of daily sanitization. Companies’ operational spending has increased over the last six months and is directly related to the effects of COVID19 and the extra monetary effort to keep employees healthy. There are many companies, but one company in particular that Stallion recommends for sanitizing jobsite equipment, is RigMaids

Implement contactless communications 

The fewer face to face communications, the better right now. Every close conversation puts your employees at a heightened risk for the virus and in turn, increases production risk. There are limited ways to communicate with each other on a jobsite that aren’t as slow in productivity as email. A dependable and durable communications option is STARCOMM’s two-way radio solutions. STARCOMM offers turnkey uhf and vhf radio equipment and ancillary services to keep your organization’s communications optimized and safe.

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