There are many challenges associated with temporary job sites; however, finding temporary mobile housing for your employees should not be one of them. Mobile Housing may not be on your radar as a project manager, but StallionRents can prove why it should be.

Keeps Your Employees Practicing Social Distancing

The only way you can be sure of your employees’ location and activity is by having mobile housing rentals on your job site. If you have allotted a hotel or stay per diem to your employees in the past, you are most likely familiar with the trust given to them when they leave the job site at night. Now more than ever, during this period of Covid19, trust is required. Employees must trust that their employees are keeping themselves healthy by practicing safe social distancing and mask regulations. You can keep the control in your hands by providing your employees with StallionRents trailer rentals as their safe job site housing option.

Saves You Money 

The General Service Administration recently approved 2020 per diem rates. Most states landed around the $150 average rate per day, with nearly $100 of the daily rate going towards their lodging. We all know that even on a temporary job site, the employee’s per diems can really take up a large portion of your overall budget. If you want to save money and the time it takes to allocate funds, mobile housing rentals are the option for you. Streamline your entire project by having the employee cost paid for by their first day of work.

Keeps Accountability High 

Having onsite housing will help eliminate both their commute to work and potential distractions away from the job site. If employees are required to sleep where they work, the likelihood of them showing up the next day is immediately higher than when they leave the worksite for lodging. StallionRents wants to help your employees show up on time and in good health, allowing your focus to stay on the job. Allow Stallion Rents to provide the mobile worksite housing experience needed to make this happen. Request your free rental quote from one of our industry experts today. 

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